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This section is dedicated to Gwen Broadley
and the Sandylands Kennel. 
I am deeply grateful to Mr. Richard Edwards
for allowing me to use most of the material
on these pages.  Mr. Edwards is in the
process of building his site and as soon as
that is published, I will attach a link to his site.
Mr. Richard Edwards has recently published
the Sandylands book and if you are interested
you may contact him directly.  The book has
received good reviews.  It is full of pictures,
some wonderful pictures that Erica Jayes
allowed him use.
If you are interested in the Sandylands kennel,
please contact Mr. Richard Edwards at:
Erica Jayes and Mr. Richard Edwards are
preparing an official Sandylands website for
publication soon.  

Gwen with her labs of her life


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