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The Labrador Retriever Club, filed its articles of incorporation on June 1, 1994 and on the 28th of June, 1994 was registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission.
The purpose for which said corporation is formed are:
To promote and encourage the love for all dogs in general and the labrador retriever breed in particular and to hold or arrange dog shows and competitions, and offer, grant or contribute towards the provision of prices, awards and distinctions under the rules and regulations of the Philippine Canine Club, Incorporated.
To adopt and enforce the Philippine Canine Club, Incorporated rules and regulations regulating and governing dog shows and generally to do all possible to bring their natural qualities to perfection and for these purposes it shall have the power to adopt by-laws, rules and regulations, and enforce the same by fines and penalties which shall have the right to collect and enforce by suit or by suspension or expulsion from membership, or by suspension or denial or any or all the privileges of said corporation.
It may from time to time alter, modify or change such by law, rules and regulations.
To subscribe to become a member or affiliate of and cooperate with the Philippine Canine Club, Incorporated whose objectives are altogether or in part similar to those of this corporation.
Generally, to do and perform those various acts and things which are necessary, proper and incidental to the business of this corporation, and those acts and things which are legally inherent in the powers of a corporation organized under the laws of the Philippines.
To promote the breeding and exhibition of pure bred labrador retriever dogs for show, field and other purposes.
To use all reasonable means to protect the interest of the breeders and/or owners of labrador retriever dogs.
To hold lectures, meetings and endeavour to maintain and improve the general standard of Labrador Retriever dogs.
To promote and conduct Ribbon Parades, Fun Matches and Specialty Shows for Labrador Retriever dogs all of which shall be held under the rules and regulations of the Philippine Canine Club, Incorporated.
The Labrador Retriever Club, Incorporated was formed primarily for the purpose of promoting and upgrading the quality of the Labrador Retriever dog; for advancing the study, breeding, and maintenance of the breed; and the fostering of friendship among Labrador Retriever owners, breeders, and fanciers.