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What can one say about this first lady in dogs and her great contribution to Labradors and dogdom?
I am one of the few who had known Gwen for so long, that I can remember the Sandylands dogs from Juno and Ch Jerry to the present day ones.
We had seen so much in this time - when Gwen was at Ettington, managing the famous Shotton Kennels of English Springer Spaniels for Michael Withers, then her move to Bidford-on-Avon, where Sandylands really came into its own.  She introduced to her Labs, Champions in Pointers, Flat Coated Retrievers, English Springer and Cocker Spaniels.  From there her move to Boot Inn at Studley (What times we had there).  On her leaving there she joined Lady Howe and the Banchory Kennels after her separation from Cyril Broadley.  She came back to the Midlands to stay with Marjorie Bilton and then to Kites Hardwicke with connections to Lady Lamb.  It was here she first met Frank Truslove and from there she moved to Braunston.
The last move was to the present Sandylands at Lower Shuckburgh, where on the 18th April over forty years ago, she and Frank were married, and Alan and Erica first started to help as eight year olds and as it is known Erica is still around forty or so years later.

Shortly afterwards she only kept her beloved Labs and enjoyed immense continued success with them, where she was joined in partnership by Mr. Garner Anthony.
Gwen and I served together on many committees, latterly Birmingham City and Midland Counties Championship Shows, where her knowledge and experience was a great asset.
She never forgot the newcomers and was always willing to impart help, encouragement and advice.  She inspired many up-and-comming new judges and was a completely honest and knowledgeable judge herself who sent many dogs up the ladder of success and on to become Champions.
Most of all, I am so privileged to have had for so long, such a dear and loyal friend of great integrity who leaves a great void in my life, and in so many others, which can never be replaced.