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Angelfields Ping & Angelfields Pong
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angelfields ping

Angelfields Ping
ping @ 8 weeks of age

Angelfields Ping looks like she will take after the size and proportions of her father LV.  A beautiful reach of neck just like her dad.  Stay tuned for more photo shots and updates of ping. 
While it is still to early to be certain, at his tender age of 8 weeks, pong looks very promising.  He looks like he will possibly grow to become a medium sized/short coupled dog typical of many guidelines copyright progeny.  What pleases us is that at this early age, pong is showing that he inherited his movement & gait from his father LV!  Everything that we wished for from this breeding combination.   
Ping and Pong are happily co-owned and loved by Angelfields & Highcroft kennel.

Angelfields Pong
Photo taken at 8wks of age

Ph Gr Ch Angelfields Luigi
Sire of Angelfields Ping & Pong

Ph Gr Ch Guidelines Mesquite Juniper
Dam of Angelfields Ping & Pong

Ph Gr Ch Angelfields Luigi X Ph Gr Ch Guidelines Mesquite Juniper
Recently updated, the Inbreeding coefficient of our P litter is 6.75% out of 425 ancestors. 
Linebred to:
Eng Ch Kupros Master Mariner (5,7,7,7-5)
Eng Ch Trewinard Not Likely (5-5)
Cambremer Montclair (7-5,5)
Happily co-owned with Ritchie Go of Highcroft Labradors

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