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"This is the work of GOD, that
you believe in the one he sent."
John 6:29

February 28, 2012

It is about time i updated this site. We are now 18 years with Labradors and always trying to manage to keep the kennel small.  Last year our seniors George and Mary have moved on to heaven.  They are resting under an acacia tree i have named after george.  If you come to visit us here i will gladly show you Gallivant's tree. 

I have moved out of the city and now live in the countryside with lots of space. Our labs could never be happier. I have decided to do away with kennel runs and integrated the humans and labs living and eating together in different parts of our countryside home. Some live in the kitchen, some live in my bedroom, some in my living room.  

Our special boy gunnar (silonray's guns & roses) is growing up and he is a bundle of joy, together with bugsy & yuri they complete the cast and keep me company at my ermitage.

In the daily kitchen genie (grandma), zene (mama), google and ginger (sibling children) manage to stay away from trouble. 

A kennel room is in progress and in anticipation of our first litter for 2012, we will built a puppy play pen area.  

We have not been showing much in the past years. Will 2012 be different? Let us see what surprises are in store... Last year we bred a couple of litters. Now we only have one brood bitch in our kennel - it is likely we will only have one litter for 2012.  

So happy to have gunnar (silonrays kennel) join our kennel. Thank you so much sylvia for entrusting him to us. He brings us closer to the sandylands line where we find a deep connection with their temperament and type.  We cross our fingers and hope to have more females from this kennel join us at angelfields.

May 2, 2007
We are back in the show circuit with our Y litter
Over the last two weekends in April, Yumi won BOS & BOW
and has accumulated quite a number of points and is well
on her way to finishing her championship.  Her sister
Yasmine won winners bitch.  The shows they have joined
have not had big entries because of the summer heat but
nevertheless its great for them to get the ring exposure.
George serviced three bitches in April and are hopes are
up that he delivers puppies.  George is now 10 years of age
and living the life wherever i go in the house.  His favorite
spot, beside me when im at the computer or my bedside : )
April 10, 2007
Finally, I have been able to make some updates 
during the long holy week vacation. This certainly has
long been overdue.  I ask for your patience as i still
have much more work ahead of me. 
On the photo gallery, I need to scan photos of
Judith during the 2006 nationals.  I need to take
some updated photos of our girls and fix their
dedicated pages, expand our photo gallery
where our labs have gone to other homes,
but it is fun work and i just need to make time.
We have taken a vacation from the show circuit
since the last nationals show in february.  We hope
to be back showing our Y litter (yumi, yasemin & yuri)
and finish them during the summer months.  

February 2007
What a joy & blessing!  We give
thanks to God for the gift of Nala.
Our Ph Gr Ch Angelfields Nala is
2007 LRCI Nationals Best Opposite Sex in Show
under Judge Heather Wiles-Fone

2007 LRCI Nationals Best Opposite Sex in Show - Angelfields Nala

Nala at 3.5 years of age

February 2006
LRCI Nationals at Tiendesitas
Judge Judith Charlton (Foxrush)

2006 LRCI Nationals RUBOB & BOS - Bugsy
Bugsy makes it 2 in a row 2004/05 & 2006 LRCI National BOS in show

Ph Gr Ch Angelfields Love Bug (bugsy)
2006 LRCI Nationals RUBIS & BOSIS
Judge Judith Charlton

What a spectacular weekend at the most prestigious
show in the country.  The PCCI FCI/AKU show:
AKU ring:  Hall of Fame Angelfields Luigi takes Best of Breed
FCI ring:  Ph Gr Ch Angelfields Love Bug takes Best Opposite Sex
Winners Bitch:  NEW CHAMPION Angelfields Nala

Runner-up Best in Show Winner
Ph Gr Ch Angelfields Love Bug


August 20, 2005

What a spectacular birthday gift: )

Finishing her Grand Championship title bugsy wins
Best of Breed & Runner-up Best in Show
PH GR CH Angelfields Love Bug
Judge Kay Eldred (Australia)
Judged at Crufts England in 2003

Orca completes his Ph Champion title under Judge Kay Eldred
he is now;  Ph Ch Angelfields Orca

PH Gr Ch Angelfields Key to Beracah (KIng George) wins


August 13, 2005

14th & 15th Labrador Retriever Club Specialty Show
Judge: Augusto Benedicto Santos III (Specialty Judge)

Ph Ch Angelfields Love Bug:  Runner-Up Best of Breed

Ph Gr Ch Angelfields Luigi:  Best Opposite Sex

Ph Gr Ch Angelfields Key to Beracah:  Award of Merit

BOS Ph Gr Ch Angelfields Luigi

The siblings bugsy & LV winning RUBOB & BOS respectively

Here i am handling Bugsy

Ph Gr Ch Angelfields Key to Beracah (king george)


May 2005

Angelfields participates in its 1st show after taking a 6 month leave from the show circuit. 

Our Ph Ch Angelfields Love Bug takes Best Opposite Sex in the FCI show. 


In the 2004 Pre-Nationals & National Specialty Championship Show
Angelfields "H" litter along with George had quite a number of winning get. 

Judge Elise Nolan awarded:
Ph Gr Ch Angelfields Honey best brood bitch
Angelfields Hazel 3rd place brood bitch

Judge Jim Nolan awarded:
Ph Gr & Am Ch Lenches Gallivant 2nd place stud competition

George progeny that won in the National’s under judge Jim Nolan:

Best Opposite Sex:  PH CH Angelfields Love Bug 
1st Place Award of Merit:  PH CH Cheyenne Sky Archangel
4th Place Award of Merit:  PH CH Angelfields Key to Beracah

wins in the Nationals under judge Jim Nolan:
Ph Gr Ch Angelfields Honey’s
son won RUBOB: 
Ph Gr Ch Madisons Quest Angus
Angelfields Hazels
daughter won BOS: 
Ph Gr Ch Angelfields Love Bug
Ph Ch Angelfields Heathers
daughter won 2nd place AOM: 
Ph Ch Sunshadow Little Foot
wins in the pre nationals under judge Elise Nolan
Angelfields Holly son won Winners Dog:  Angelfields Ooze
Angelfields Holly son won Runners Up Winners Dog:  Angelfields Orka

Angelfields Tree of Life is the "H" litter...

Ph Ch Angelfields Love Bug

Ph Ch Angelfields Love Bug
Best Opposite Sex
2004 LRCI National Specialty Championship
Judge:  Jim Nolan (Veyatie Labradors)

Ph Ch Cheyenne's Sky Archangel

Ph Ch Cheyennes Sky Archangel
1st Place Award of Merit
2004 LRCI National Specialty Championship
Judge: Jim Nolan (Veyatie Labradors)
November 6, 2004

Ph Ch Angelfields Key to Beracah's
picture to follow

Angelfields Show Results:
*  Our Angelfields Kolya recently won Best Baby Puppy in Show: )  You can view her winning picture at the section, promising dams.
*  On May 17 our Sunshadow to Angelfields won back to back best baby puppy in sporting group under judges Phillip Kersey (NZ) & Ms Sue Monk (Australia). 
*  June 6, 2003:  Angelfields Luigi wins best baby puppy in show at the Cebu All Breed Show.  LV is happily living with Mr. Ritchie Go, congrats ritchie: )  Angelfields My Genie took Best Baby Puppy in Breed in the other ring, she lives happily with Gemma de Asis.  Congrats to our babies: )

*  June 8, 2003:   Angelfields Hugo (Woofie) won  best of breed under Judge Albert Reading (Australia) .  His son, Angelfields Ice Breaker won winners dog , and is now Philippine Champion

   June 14, 2003:  Angelfields Idol (litterbrother of Ice) finished and is now Philippine Champion.  He is owned and loved by Careen Tankiang and family.
   July 6, 2003:  Angelfields Hugo (Woofie) won BOB under Mrs. Hilary Pederson (Australia) and became Phil. Grand Champion.

" O LORD, you brought me up from the netherworld;
you preserved me from among those going down into the pit."
Psalm 30:4

Angelfields Labradors
Bernardo & Angelina Concepcion