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In every breeding and litter produced, we classify our puppies at 7-8 weeks into one among the following possibilities. 
1. Pet Quality.  We would appreciate it if the owners would spay or neuter them.
2. Potential Show Quality.  Nothing is really sure... 
3. Exceptional Potential Show Quality.  Outstanding and exceptional.  The reason we breed is to keep the exceptional ones, if any are produced.  If we do decide to share them, we like to work on a co-ownership scheme. 
We cannot promise that our "breeding or show quality" pups will turn out as expected when they reach maturity.  We hope you will understand that many factors including proper care, environment and feeding are part of the equation. 
We like to keep open lines of communication and appreciate your feedback.  Please share with us how your pups are doing during the intial adjustment period so that if and when you are having doubts about keeping the puppy, we can make accomodations to take her back. 
We need to classify our puppies in a litter by the time they are 2 months old as a basis for deciding which we will keep and run with in our kennel.  We like to find happy homes for our puppies.  Consequently, we ask all sorts of questions about your set-up.  We hope you do not get offended during the process.  Our intentions are done to assure that puppy and homes are matched so that both can live happily together.
Quite often, we run with several of our outstanding/show quality puppies to determine which will pass our standards.  It is sometimes difficult to be very sure at a young age so we need to keep them longer. Yes they do run around and make a mess of our garden.  At about a year old we weed out those that do not meet our standards for future breeding stock, and as a result we need to find happy homes for them.  We like to keep a long list of candidates ahead of us, so please do write us if you are looking for a labrador to spice up your home: )

Labradors of Angelfields
Bernardo & Angelina Concepcion