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Line H is the most outstanding line we have in our kennel. 
It is where most of our future generations will come from.

Am Ch Boradors Vanity Fair as a yearling

Line H is the result of mating our foundation bitch Am Ch Boradors Vanity Fair to Grand Sire of Merit Ph Gr Ch Veyatie Driving Along.  From this H litter, we kept a female named Hazel & a male Hugo.  A female named Honey went on to become the foundation bitch at Kennel Madison Quest. Another female named Heather is with Kennel Smackwater.  We co-own a female named Holly with nico aguirre.

Vanity approaching 2 years old

Vanity was mated & whelped three times during her lifetime.  Her first breeding was to Am Ch Boradors the Goblin. That was our B litter and we kept a female named Angelfields Bonnie.  This is what is known in our kennel as Line B.  You can learn more about Line B in a seperate page here on our site. 
Vanity was bred for the second time to a multi best in show winner - a dog bred by Guy Spagnolo of Kennel Driftway - Driftway Truffle.  Unfortunately we did not keep any from this "F" litter.  We are trying to bring back this line through a boy who's mother is - Ph Ch Angelfields Felicia.  She was the most outstanding producer from this litter and we have used Ph Gr Ch Skyglory Magic on two of our females. We are crossing our fingers and hope we can bring this Line back integrated into our B line. 

Mother & Daughter (up & below)
Angelfields Hazel (Line H)

Siblings Hazel & Hugo - Line H

wins in the 2004 Nationals under judge Jim Nolan
Ph Gr Ch Angelfields Honey’s
son won RUBOB: 
Ph Gr Ch Madisons Quest Angus
Angelfields Hazels
daughter won BOS: 
Ph Gr Ch Angelfields Love Bug
Ph Ch Angelfields Heathers
daughter won 2nd place AOM: 
Ph Ch Sunshadow Little Foot
wins in the 2004 pre nationals under judge Elise Nolan
Angelfields Holly
son won Winners Dog:  Angelfields Ooze
Angelfields Holly son won Runners Up Winners Dog:  Angelfields Orka

Angelfields Hazel was mated to Ph Gr & Am Ch Lenches Gallivant and produced a very outstanding L litter. HOF Angelfields Luigi owned & cared with a good friend Ritchie Go of Kennel Highcroft.  I kept the only female from a litter of 9, she is Ph Gr Ch Angelfields Love Bug. 

2004/05 & 2006 Nationals Best Opposite Sex in Show

HOF Angelfields Luigi

Ph Gr Ch Angelfields Love Bug

We repeated the breeding for our N litter and kept Nala.  In February 2007 Ph Gr Ch Angelfields Nala won the prestigous LRCI Nationals Best Opposite Sex in Show under english judge Ms. Heather Wiles-Fone. 

Ph Ch Angelfields Nala

Ph Gr Ch & two time National BOS Angelfields Love Bug (Bugsy) whelped a beautiful litter sired by Hall of Fame Sanctuary Asset.  We are running with three pups and they look promising.  The quality of this litter affirms the strength of our Line H.  Here are some photos:

Angelfields Yureka (Yuri)

Angelfields Yasemin

Angelfields Yumika (YUMI)

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